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    Doctors suggest that at this age, this process is regarded as a kind of test for the health of the body. During puberty, guys may have a permanent erection - this is a normal and natural phenomenon, indicating the normal development of the male body. The maximum erectile function is observed in men for 20-30 years, then there is a gradual decrease in erectile function. The complete absence of an erection occurs at the age of 50 and older.

    Again, the above terms are conditional and largely depend on the individual characteristics of the organism and the lifestyle that the man leads. expansion of the arterial bed of the penis; relaxation of the muscular apparatus of the cavernous bodies; violation of venous outflow.

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    From there, nerve impulses entering the spinal cord are transmitted to the penis through nerve fibers (sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems). In a state of sexual arousal, the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies relax and the sinusoids are stretched, and lengthening and expansion of the small arteries is observed, which ultimately leads to the active filling of the cells of the cavernous bodies with arterial blood.

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    The filled sinusoids lead to compression of the venous plexus. As a result of these changes, venous outflow is disturbed and the penis increases in size.

    Only a small number of veins remain open in order to ensure a constant exchange of blood even at the peak of an ivermectin. Depending on the tone of the smooth muscles of the penis, the blood supply of the sinusoids of the cavernous bodies changes.


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    The following phases (stages) of erection are distinguished: 1. The phase of a relaxed state (rest). The tone of the sympathetic nervous system prevails, the small arteries and muscles of the corpus cavernosum are contracted. The remaining minimal blood flow through the arteries performs only a feeding function.

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    There is a free outflow of venous blood. 2. The filling phase. After sexual stimulation, the tone of the parasympathetic nervous system increases. As a result, there is an increase in blood flow through the internal genital and cavernous ivermectin arteries without any changes in systemic blood pressure.


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    Relaxation of the smooth muscles of the corpus cavernosum causes blood to fill the sinusoids of the penis and stromectol. At the end of this phase, there is a decrease in arterial blood flow. 4. Phase of full erection. The cavernous bodies are filled with blood and cause compression of the venous plexus. As a result, the outflow of blood (veno-occlusive mechanism) decreases and the pressure inside the cavernous bodies increases.

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    The latter reaches a level that is 10–20 mm Hg less than systolic blood pressure. 5. Rigid phase. 7. The profession of a doctor is one of the oldest specialties. People with the skills to cure diseases have always been held in high esteem. Over time, medicine as a science has developed more and more, knowledge has been systematized. The profession of a doctor is popular and highly paid.

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    Medicine is the science of the structure of the human body, which is studied by all future doctors. It is subdivided into specializations for a more detailed study of each individual area.

    A story about the profession of a doctor should start with a description of his activities. The daily duties of a specialist in this profile is to make decisions on which the life and health of people depends. Therefore, he must have deep theoretical and practical knowledge in medicine in order to make a correct diagnosis.


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    Who is a doctor - a multi-disciplinary professional who examines the patient, determines the symptoms of the disease and, based on this, prescribes treatment. The doctor's specialty is in demand: he is engaged in saving the most precious thing in a person - life.

    Mastering medicine requires patience, diligence, and a desire to help people. Science education begins from the bench of an educational institution and ends at the time when a person stops practicing medicine.

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    The great philosopher of ancient Greece Socrates said: "All professions are from people, and only three are from God: teacher, judge and doctor." Not everyone can become a valuable and good doctor. Physician is a calling.

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